Gromit's Lack of Mouth
Gromit Speaks!

 This page is dedicated to something in Wallace & Gromit lore that most people overlook. Gromit speaking! Well, sort of. As you can see from the piccie above, Gromit has no mouth. So, how does he speak? Well, Gromit's speech in the few instances I've found are nothing more than a bark, and on all three occasions, we do not actually see Gromit's face when it happens. On this page, I will include piccies of the instances where it happens. If you know of any Gromit speech that I've overlooked, please let me know!

Gromit also makes some other noises, but since they're not speech (well, Dog speech), I didn't include them. An example would be in the first sequence in A Grand Day Out, Wallace is looking through holiday booklets, and Gromit is dozing off. Gromit both snores and snorts (when he's awoken suddenly)

Gromit Speaks #1 - A Grand Day Out

Gromit DrillingGromit Spun by DrillGromit Thrown by Drill In this sequence from A Grand Day Out, Gromit takes the drill to a piece of wood to help Wallace build their spaceship to the moon ("Everyone knows the moon is made of Cheese!"). Unfortunately, the drill bit gets stuck, and Gromit reverses the direction of the drill, which is a bad move, because he is then flung around in circles, eventually being thrown off the drill. When Gromit is thrown, he barks.

Gromit Speaks #2 & #3 - The Wrong Trousers

Gromit YankedWhen Wallace introduces Gromit to the Techno Trousers (Ex-NASA), he programs the Trousers for 20 minutes of walkies. When the Techno Trousers take off, they drag Gromit with them who wasn't quite ready for the hike. When Gromit is yanked away, he barks.

After another viewing, I've noticed that Gromit is yanked a second time as he's being yanked here by the Trousers. Gromit also barks the second time, but he's virtually out of the shot by that point.

Gromit Speaks #4 & #5? - The Wrong Trousers

Gromit Yanked AgainGromit, not taking well to being walked by the Trousers, replaces himself on the leash with a stuffed dog on a red cart, while he cavorts in a playground. When the Trousers return home, Gromit sits on the cart, and is pulled home. Upon his return home, Gromit looks at a sign in the window that Wallace had placed there. When the cart reaches the stairs, it can't go any further, and Gromit is yanked into the house because he's not paying attention, and is still looking at the sign. When Gromit is yanked, he barks.

There may be another one in The Wrong Trousers, but I'm not sure. In the bit where Gromit goes down the bed/chute into the dining room, Gromit may have barked right when the bed starts going up. However, if he did, it's mixed in with the sound of the bed moving up, so I'm not entirely sure if he does or not.

Gromit Speaks #6 - A Close Shave

The Bounce has gone out of his Bungee!The only instance of Gromit barking in A Close Shave that I could find is shortly after this picture. As you can see here, Preston pulls on Gromit's bungee, and causes Gromit to fly up and down on the bungee out of control. As a result, Gromit bounces up and down on the bungee a few times and when he hits the bottom of the bounce, he barks (twice).

Gromit Knitting in BedIf you want to learn more about Wallace & Gromit, please visit the official Wallace & Gromit site at Check it out, it's really great! In fact, his page kept me from doing my own W&G site. I was going to do what he's already done, so I went for this "niche" page for W&G.

Thanks to Klaus Bub's '62 West Wallaby St. site for the picture used in Gromit Speaks #6 above. The rest of the pictures I scanned myself using the Snappy Capture Device (which is no longer available).

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